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Invest in Finney County

Thank you for your commitment to Finnney County United Way and for helping to create lasting change in our community. An investment to United Way is an investment in our future.  Our work, in conjunction with Partner Agencies, improves lives and strengthens Finney County. The benefits also extend indirectly to our corporate partners, who reap well-earned rewards for nurturing community growth and change. Run a workplace campaign, volunteer, and communicate how you are helping to advance the common good.

Workplace Campaign

Having a workplace campaign is a great way to get your employees involved in philanthropy. Finney Coutny United Way holds its annual campaign starting mid-August.  

The workplace payroll deduction is the most convenient and efficient way to give to United Way.  It's the workplace payroll deduction system that allows United Way to keep its overhead exceptionally low for the dollars that we raise.  It's the system that allows 12 people, 50 people, 200 people, or more to give a little from each pay period.  The employer collects these contributions and then sends a check to Finney County United Way for processing.  Some employers send their checks bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This system allows us to keep staff to a minimum and administrative overhead very low. To enroll in easy payroll deduction contributions, see your employer for the enrollment form. 


Help your employees stay motivated to LIVE UNITED year round!  Not sure how to get your employee giving campaign started or how to keep it going strong? Contact Deb Oyler to see how we can help you.

Campaign Video

Watch our 2024 Campaign Video!

United Starts with You videos

We have many great community partners who believe in FCUW and have seen the impact firsthand. These individual videos tell a great story about the impact FCUW makes in Finney County.

United Starts with You-
Matt Allen, City of Garden City
United Starts with You-
Kayla Knier, Catholic Charities of SW Kansas
United Starts with You-
Captain Chelsea Barnes,
The Salvation Army
United Starts with You-
Robert DeLeon, Unite Us

Campaign Toolkit

Feel free to use these items at any time. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Deb at Finney County United Way at 620.275.1425.

Employee Campaign Manager Timeline: Prior to Your Workplace Campaign
  • Meet with your United Way team member to get your campaign packet and talk about how you can lead your campaign.

  • Meet with your CEO or Leadership Team to determine a volunteer project, timeline, goals, pledge forms, strategies, and incentives for your workplace campaign.

  • Create a team from various departments to assist with your campaign

  • Plan and schedule a leadership event

  • Set up time(s) and location(s) for the kickoff event and volunteer project. Secure agency speakers, pledge forms, campaign materials, and any incentives or prizes

  • Communicate about United Way’s impact early and often

During Your Workplace Campaign

  • Hold kickoff event and volunteer project

  • Provide pledge form information to everyone!

  • Follow up with employees

  • Hold special events to raise additional money and to increase employee engagement (Click Here for list of Special Event Ideas)

  • Remind everyone that 99% of donations support programs in Finney County

  • Report progress regularly

  • Share Pictures

Wrap-Up Workplace Campaign
  • THANK everyone involved with the campaign including donors, team members, leadership, etc.

  • Work with leadership about posting results

  • Fill out your pledge envelope including your corporate donation form

  • Contact your United Way team member to pick up your packet

  • Develop a plan for year-round updates on how United Way is putting donations to work in the community

  • RELAX!  

Campaign Resources (click to download)
Additional Resources to Enhance Your Campaign (click to download)
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